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if you were my ex i’d simply rebound photo

sorry to ping
i just want to know who was too good for who
i know i love you best through the machine
i want to know if you feel the same
i keep writing to you and you keep what
fucking tinder bros
tweeting your miseries
god i wish that were me
you know i went to all your short film screenings
even the one that you weren't sure would show yours
and they didn't but i sat there
and didn't say anything mean
about how small the art student's imagination is
not that time at least
and so what i didn't go to your graduation
you didn't go to mine
we weren’t supposed to care about that sort of thing
just encourage each other
in bad habits and good music
jam together on the uke
you with the chords and me with the weirdo song lyrics
about spider-man’s sex life
oh look you’re tweeting about me again
and i’m watching from afar
from incognito mode
because i don’t have the dignity to unblock you
and i’ll spend my whole life reading your posts
just like all my exes
now let’s get to the part where we kiss to make up
except i don’t love you like that
i just wish i did
then i would understand why it hurts so much
that you’re gone



image: Jared Arango