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Say something funny:                                     my dad and I get into fist fights                                                                                 

trying to be the better Groucho Marx                         it’s a competition                   a Jew-

ish                                                       sort of love                  note:

there’s a difference                 between a real fight                                        and a play fight

there’s a difference                 between truth and fact                                   

don’t say the truth                  

it’s presumptuous                               and tastes like an airhead           

speaking of                                                                 candy                                                             

pour fruit gushers                                            into a fruit roll up                                           
                                                                                     and make a burrito out of it               

that’s what I used to do                       first thing                    every morning                        

                                                                                                                                   as a junkie      

I’d steal em from Kroger                                            as well as a 100 dollar Visa gift card                

and give it to a dealer                                                                                     for dope:

it’s legit man                           call it                                       the money is on it                   

but they made the mistake of trusting                                                 a heroin addict

I love d-boyz

I like calling dealers plugs                  it makes me think                   of a butt plug                          

which I’ve never tried                                     but am not opposed to                        

I have a hairy taint      which I need to wax                                                    but something in me

says I don’t think so               

my prerogative in life                                                 is to be comfortable               

which is fucking despicable              

but I hope you understand                                                                  I fear not healing                       

more than dying                     

and some memories                                                                            feel like a death
         worse than death                    

I need to laugh a little            find some relief                     

at the park                                                                   I play chess                

and it gives me a hard-on                                           there’s something ethereal about it         

in spite of it being a blitz game                      and having to punch the clock

my dad                                                he taught me              

how to play                            

and he stopped playing          

after I beat him                                                                                   or lost interest                        

such is life                                                      or so it goes

and I don’t know the way to heaven                                                   or to home

but I can find you a plug

if you’re interested

let me know