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April 1, 2009 Poetry

Baseball Haiku(s)!

Baseball Haiku(s)! photo

coach wont stop yelling
"watch the signs from the bench coach!"
but i hate bunting
Brad Epperson

Swing Through
In sheer disbelief
Having swung through the fastball
He lowers his gaze.
Jon Sindell

Storm Clouds
Thunder makes things clear
enough. No game. And I was
supposed to bat third.
Scott Garson

Eagerness for spring: new
grass bends beneath baseball gloves
and one more crisp frost
Greg Beatty

Chris Sabo
Giant white goggles
Captured my attention while
Sorting baseball cards.
Kenneth Nichols

He's a traitor now.
My cousin, with Yankee love.
Jeter, his new crush.
Jenny Poore

Minor League ball park
another fan concussion
mitt not quick enough.
Susan Olson Lawson

image: Ryan Molloy