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a pin so we know photo

she takes a pin so you know
she’s a Good Person
a slight confusion between
identity and perspective 
side eye learned from a
youtube video;
in between a yoga class
and a green juice cleanse

to be lost requires you to
be found eventually unless
you never wish to be known
either; which is fine - we all
have our hang ups

don’t text me today and
don’t call either
i’m my own dog
rat race, underground
judgement is self defense
in the absence of threat
a slight confusion between
conflict and abuse

just another kind of pipeline
funding can be a dirty word and
funding can mean life or death

she threw the painting in the trash

waiting for that new moon
like it’ll change my fucking life
like it’ll change all our fucking lives
we’re at the point where
we really need the moon
to do something crazy

what do you know of the moon?
i pray to that giant rock in the
sky like it will save me too

so many people i’ve met
simply need to call their mothers
mother moon stop texting me
mother moon stop calling me

i feel stretched out, i am thin
i am ugly, and it is willful


image: Kalliopi Mathios