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July 15, 2015

A Bunt

Evan Lavender-Smith

A Bunt photo

We are launching a new project, HOBART HANDBOOKS, the first project of which is our Handbook on Baseball, collecting some of our favorite pieces from our last thirteen years of online baseball issues, every April. To celebrate, and by way of announcement, the book is available on a "pay what you want" scale during the duration fo the All Star Break and we are featuring baseball pieces here on the site all week.

In April we published Evan Lavender-Smith's "Father-Son Combos" and here is another short.


Not everything you write will be a home run. Some things will be doubles, others will be singles. Some will be sacrifice flies. Doubtless there will be many easy ground outs, and you'll probably hit into more than a few double plays.

Whenever you're slumping and striking out a lot, remember to bunt—just to get the ball on the bat, get the feel back. 



image: Aaron Burch