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November 10, 2014 Poetry

4 Poems

Jesse Prado

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what if i opened my mouth and a swarm of bees just, you know. the weather said it might rain, and i was like, 'okay.' this is thinking about tracy. that's like, a city somewhere, in the central valley. it's close, but i never go


blood pressure

what the night does to our brain: how darkness allows us to transform into different ppl every 24 hours. omg, get this away from your copy of my book. my blood pressure usually needs to be retaken bc it's like, crazy high. whenever anyone does anything one way when they could've done it another you can almost always count on one of two things: it's great


college town

the doolittle is a true test of character bc they don't keep a good tab. you have to remember what you had to drink bc they won't. this is probably a college town. that's probably why you feel this way. that's probably why everyone seems five years younger than you. whatever i do is meant to frustrate. i'm probably gonna be murdered by a marine



kevin's offering ppl his take home. i'm hella into hannah today. someone wants to know if we owe them anything. did paula cut her hair? it looks good. jorge said we need chocolate and i was like, 'thanks for breathing on my forearm.' i got a text message from someone that said, 'congratulations on not graduating.' there are a million jons. moises didn't know joey works here. i couldn't sleep last night bc i had a wild cherry coke before i went to bed. i looked at amanda and said, ‘remember my vision of diving for squid?’


image: Tara Wray