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March 4, 2024 Poetry

3 Poems

Cletus Crow

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Alternate Reality Where I Succumb to White Trash Instincts

It's like herding snakes
through a forest fire.

The homing pigeon
of misery
is my baby mama's
text message.

I make meth
with some man named Jesus
who is not God.

Life started
after dad shot our dog.

I have twelve dogs now.

Alternate Reality Where I Didn't Absorb My Twin in The Womb

I don't need a mirror.

I watch him fail
and do the opposite.

He was born four seconds before me.

As if i know the future.

Alternate Reality Where My Fun Uncle Died

He wrote his last will and testament
on an Etch A Sketch.

Three earthquakes have happened since.

He had the whitest teeth.