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November 28, 2023 Poetry

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Nathaniel Duggan

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There is nothing I cannot cut.
Whereas you trap
every last thing
between your palms,
your violence
a hatched egg,
an open-air prison,
a junior high 
volleyball game.
Nine mountains, eight seas:
nothing I can’t cut.
I have come to teach you love
and the solitude that comes
with ultimate strength.
Three thousand paper clips.
A translucent kimono.
Everywhere hollow birds
continue to sing.



Summoning my bone dragon.
Rejecting evidence-based 
explanations. I am
a small creature that came
from an egg. 
I was very ill, something bad 
in the marrow. Ready to die,
I sought the monk
with one thousand palms
and killed him
with my spinal sword.
Now everything I touch
turns to broken 
glass. Now I live 
returning bottles
and redeeming garbage
like a disrobed wizard.