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Antirelationship Period photo

An hour of shopping 

was reserved for elders 

at Target on Sundays

I watched North Korea 

and Ghana documentaries

The city tortures trees

Day 4 on Whitney Street

Remember positive things

Practice writing afk

Throat has been itchy

Tell Dad to nibble garlic

Another wave of despair

Lapsing into complaints 

on March 7, editing my novel

My favorite period historically

has been the interim period

Watching people fish online

We want apocalypse training

I get negative when unhealthy

I feel calmer out of the city

Plan keeps changing

Stay calm and productive 

Haven’t been alone this long 

in 2.5 years

Beaches heal

$2600 place required car 

I decided not to go

to Taiwan or New York 

Biting thumbs a lot

Happy supine at night

mentally exploring my novel

Keep mending

Waves crash

Taiwan banned foreigners

Mom said she made a mistake

I lapsed after 11 days

Beaches shouldn’t close

Fly to Big Island on April 9 maybe

Mom wants to get me an iPhone 8

I want to heal my eyes

Leis are flower necklaces

The cell phone tower

zapped me at night

I felt the toxic salami

Sitting on a bed doing nothing

I felt like meditation wouldn’t help

image: Frances Dinger