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October 8, 2020 | Poetry


Rita Mookerjee


In the market, Rayanne arranges
breadfruit and guava on her stand.
She frames them with squat pumpkins
and green hooks of plantain. She
leans against her stool to stretch her

Jonathan photo
October 7, 2020 | Fiction


Sam Fishman

The next time Jonathan and I had a playdate I told him what had happened. I was sitting on his bed and he was sitting at his desk when he told me a secret.

Black Lab photo
October 7, 2020 | Nonfiction

Black Lab

Laura Scalzo

The kids found a small skeleton, a squirrel or a baby raccoon, bleached white by winter. Where’d it go? Why is Scout coughing? You had to be careful, a roasted chicken on the counter, a freshly

Tonight's the Night, Neil Young photo
October 6, 2020 | Jukebox Happy Hour

Tonight's the Night, Neil Young

Mark Koepke

I assume you have a regular route on your nightly rounds, those eagle eyes scanning for any lock popped daringly up like a gopher from its hole.

Field Trip photo
October 6, 2020 | Nonfiction

Field Trip

Paul Crenshaw

Once, when I accompanied my daughter and her 3rd grade class on a school field trip, one of the other fathers shit his pants. I’m not sure when it occurred, but by the time we reached the second

Two Poems photo
October 5, 2020 | Poetry

Two Poems

Terese Mason Pierre


Tropic of Cancer

for Lawrence Stewen

On this shore, the insects scheme, sing
the hair along my body. I say I dream about

strolling where the moonlight hits the water
and disturbs it,

To Her Next Boyfriend photo
October 5, 2020 | Fiction

To Her Next Boyfriend


If thinking your own thoughts has never brought you love, is it so bad to let another think for you?

I Saw Jim Jarmusch Yesterday photo
October 4, 2020 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

I Saw Jim Jarmusch Yesterday

Ali Motamedi

I saw Jim Jarmusch yesterday.

Words Fail, Chapter 1b: Crisis photo
October 4, 2020 | Comics

Words Fail, Chapter 1b: Crisis

Angus Woodward

Previously on...

Chapter 1a: Converging



My First Talent Crush photo
October 3, 2020 | My First...

My First Talent Crush

Alyson Shelton

We were standing in the wings of the theater. Wait, scratch that, it was a black box theater. We were standing off to the side of a taped off area on the floor. A lot less poetic, but true. He began

October 2, 2020 | Poetry


Lauren Badillo Milici

I was God’s favorite, once—enough
schoolgirl in me to make Mary
sweat. not a fall-from-grace, but something sweeter.
an unlit cigarette wedged between two
adolescent fingers; & the skin like

I have no idea who is speaking here, I would never say this, I am against whoever wrote these words. photo
October 2, 2020 | Interview

I have no idea who is speaking here, I would never say this, I am against whoever wrote these words.

Nick Farriella

I suppose a meaningful conclusion I came to was that it's often fruitful to follow diversions and accidents, but that you have to create the conditions to experience them.

October 1, 2020 | Poetry


JinJin Xu


Crawdad Hunters photo
October 1, 2020 | Nonfiction

Crawdad Hunters

Jacey de la Torre

Jilly and I fought a lot when we were kids. When other folks tell me they never fought with their siblings, I think about all the circumstances in their childhood that would have made that a remotely