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Patterson Thorndike is Dead photo
January 1, 2011 | Fiction

Patterson Thorndike is Dead

Harmony Neal


Patterson Thorndike is Dead

Patterson Thorndike was dead.  What was Dresden supposed to do with that... more

Fitzhugh Falls  photo
January 1, 2011 | Fiction

Fitzhugh Falls 

Todd Cantrell


Fitzhugh was there for the convention. Marcy held out a brochure which he took, then on his third lap around the hall, he... more

Interoffice Romance photo
January 1, 2011 | Fiction

Interoffice Romance

Dan Pinkerton


In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, Stacy conveyed a secret to Maureen as the two dined together in the food court... more

Rough Guide photo
January 1, 2011 | Fiction

Rough Guide

Dylan Hicks


In a city with little meaningful work, he pays for non-services, pays to be shown things he’s already looking at, for instance, or... more

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