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January 1, 2009 | Interview

An Interview with Hannah Tinti

Amy Minton

I first became a fan of Hannah Tinti's writing when I read her story, "Home Sweet Home," (appearing in her collection Animal Crackers). The story begins: "Pat and Clyde were murdered on pot roast

January 1, 2009 | Fiction

Two Stories

Grace Andreacchi


I was sitting at the kitchen table, it was morning, the light was pale and fine, he was messing about, making something nice for me to eat. 'I want you to come with me to buy a

January 1, 2009 | Fiction

Island Escape

Paul Silverman

In less than an hour, the ferry was at half-speed, the wind had died and the magnificent flora of Cane Island was in full view. They were in the brochure again, the one the travel agent had given

January 1, 2009 | Fiction

On the Oregon Trail

Caitlin Horrocks

Elias was a banker, so we left with more than most. $1,600 to spend at the outfitters—three yoke of oxen, 2000 pounds of food, boxes of bullets and spare parts: tongue, axle, wheel. Two sets of

January 1, 2009 | Fiction

Three Stories

Kirstin Chen

Meine Liebe

It got to where I couldn't stop talking about him, though our relationship had to be secret — there was no other way — for he was fifty-eight, Daniel M. Kennedy Professor of