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August 6, 2020 Poetry


Mag Gabbert

Wight photo

the dictionary says living being
although until recently I’d believed
this word meant apparition

a shade as in specter or shadow or ghost

the first story I wrote at age nine
after I’d seen an elbino deer a beutiful
wight creacher liveing

similar to a color
that’s considered non-spectral
so not really a color but a light

one time the white deer came to my window
and blinked at me with star-speckled eyes

in Dutch the same root forms little child
in Old Saxon it creates thing or demon

shade as in opposite or shade as in night

not a color though
it resembles the translucent
breath against thin glass outside

shade as in eggshell or bone or porcelain

shade as in the distance
between scarce and scared and
sacred or pigments and figments

I didn’t know what could happen
yet to a moonbeam-like deer when
it glitters fluorescently through the trees

in Swedish the root becomes spirit

but I watched this one standing
there alone until the very
sight of him numbed me
like sucking on ice

like anything that dissolves over time



image: Catherine Sinow