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August 29, 2022 Poetry


Sofie Wise

Vernalagnia photo

You had one of those
shag haircuts that all lesbians
in Brooklyn have we sipped
your favorite pink drink

From champagne flutes as the
sun bled crimson and the air
crisped between us you’ve been
making friends through the apps

I want that but can’t be-
cause tulip stems in Spring are
watered by liquid
swirling in my stomach

I’ll probably never see you again
because opposite; thorny elbows,
petals torn from the center
I know it but cannot say exactly

Why don’t all bodies work
the same? If they did maybe I’d be in
love right now maybe with
you don’t you think - I know

You do - it should be
easier than this game
we play

Rose bubbles can’t
cure incompatibility late
night french fries might only
with ketchup if you ask for

mayo I’ll get right up
a burger can cure lots
except the cow that has been
murdered sorry for taking it

there see it will never work
way, Alisa, thank you
for the shared evening.

image: David Wright