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December 23, 2020 Poetry

Two Poems

Rosie Stockton

Two Poems photo


for sacha

you’re a bound cloud
mist locked down    skipped
across the lake, I can tell

I woosh your eye’s pallet
missing calls      flatten
hunger      a slow drawl
boy  with backseat taste
buds exploited by fire

just so you keep coming
utterly west

boxy glam and fresh anguish
buffing the sun    if I slam

your door   it’s only to look
away   to prepare my gutter

batten down my hatches
for a solar trip    where for
me you     reside in chiron’s
wound   decadent  dare

shaved   till barely dusk, I refuse
your food    replenish you
perfectly dead              plug up
your promise  dream   

till the            silt of   our  river bed


back end theory


O today’s the day

after yesterday

and the unlikely water

boils the ungrateful shore


childlike clouds brag rain

on carpeted floor, our garden

of keys, fracking desire into

renewable haze


fudging monsoon, rewriting

drainage maps and disputed property

signs, i ride with luck and

stamina, behind

enemy lines


here adam no longer believes

in the state’s death

and i orbit carefully

how power forges

his daydream, represses

his doomsday


here leaders invent new workdays

to echo mirrored language

into adam’s gag reflex,

and i’ve trained mine

to stay calm while tears

swim upstream


an oiled down edenic bitch

for drippy shale gas

companies jerking unconscious

to offload apples and apples

from necro orchards of

Trees of Knowledge


our VIPolitical theory

ribbed and jostled

to rub one out

chevron my engine

to your daddy’s ghost

town, that churns dry

meadows in my eyes


devil shit to dig

that deeply into earth,

our century’s missing



tonight i work

to hate adam’s order

in order to fill our

little room, yes i eat

adam’s order in order

to love his state

pockets perfectly

image: Aaron Burch