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spell for electron microscopes photo

spell for electron microscopes/ for silicate minerals & landfills


if my friends say you are a cell tower & I am a bird


if when I say I dream of archaeology what I mean is you buried all your trash in a clay-lined cavity/ it was so phylosilicate/ & stuffed with water/ so dental & damaged/ so intrinsic . . .


did you know parrots used to eat clay for upset stomachs?/ I like to think of their multicolored plumage against a human landfill/ I mean “like” the way Facebook means it/ the way I “like” your protruding garage & your clean curb with a wheeled bin full of waste


did you know this is the future? that mixing things in a pot is “more fun than selling coupons”?/ did you know silicates are quilt-like at the molecular level & filling the land?


did you know I drilled into my own subconscious & found you wrapped in plastic/ trying on old t-shirts/ the ones you were wearing when we fell in this tank/ I mean, love, I mean in land fill


& I was the drill that unearthed it last night?/ I dreamed your tendons were tendrils of fern/ you were aluminum/ you were a plastic-wrapped thigh


we were leg wrestling


& I was like a pump in a portapotty


I love you like a feces cake loves oxygen

that is to say you break me down/


& the future’s archeologists are looking kinda lumpy from here

stuffing their large pocketed coats full of paw plates from Panda Express


& if I still wanna eat down to the orange chicken of you

& if I dream I’m an archaeologist & you’re my trash


my friend wins things & I say she’s the explicative in my lukewarm ham


you’ve been my explicative & I’m dumping you/ I’m explicating


& you’ve been buried here in the crust of me/ for over a month / or maybe a decade/ which is the same as a hundred years/ did you know that’s how long it takes to begin to decompose/ if I’m made of you/


& did you know the earth’s crust is 90% silicate/ so basically a landfill is a giant trash can/ the land fill is a tiny earth/ the earth has been holding us, loving us, cradling us like baby bottles/ sucking at the nutrient of us/ the dioxin of us/ the sucking garbage in the landfill of its silicate skin

image: Laura Gill