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August 28, 2020 Poetry

Sixteen Hike

Tyler Barton

Sixteen Hike photo

Please cc my soul
on every email
you send me


Please be cool
to my hedgehog
he has an ego


Please lift my arms
when you declare
me the winner


Please give me
permission to
smite myself


Please bury me
like dogs
in warm laundry


Please tell me
the stamen is
the dick bit
of the flower


Our flu ruined
Christmas sorry
I reminded you


Send me home
with please at least
my homework done


Remember this
thrice-googled tree
for good please


Please forget I was
ever mature was
ever found to be


Please forget that
time I was tough
it meant little


Please let nests be
please explain me
to the man outside


Please make years
not count again


What is behind
me, please say it
is not those
mocking gingkoes


Please reread
the source code
for my soul


Circle the bugs
flag the glitches
one the zeroes



image: Laura Gill