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January 2, 2023 Poetry

simone says

Anna Dorn

simone says photo

my girlfriend says to stop fake crying 
because it’s creepy and i’m almost 40
i say well then you’re almost 50 and 
the baptist church says homosexuality is a sin
my parasocial friends say see you in hell
freud says lesbians are stuck
more likely to have gay fathers, says genetics 
who says we can’t have it all? 
king princess says pussy is god
the e-girls say god is back 
durkheim says god is a metaphor 
for society, how precious 
weyes blood says god is a flower
georgia o’keefe says flowers are vaginal
no critics say that, georgia says 
flowers are just flowers 
feminists say believe women
psychologists say women are socialized to lie 
i say teach me to play the cello 
something with my hands 
instead i’ve been making ai art of 
mary kate olsen holding a baby fox 
writing fiction in which people google things,
suffering in a very abstract way
trying very hard to shut the fuck up & failing
jack halberstam says queers love failure 
he says call me judith or jack she says
it’s been brought to my attention 
that i’m writing a love story.


image: Anna Dorn