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I’ll kill myself if you leave photo

American Flag

You are a gaping hole. A woman is a trench. Confidence is unbecoming on a woman. I’m glad you don’t have it. I’ve been forcing egirls to turn their tweets into poems. For my blog. It’s forthcoming. I’m not angry I’m just horny. I don’t love you I just respect you. I’m a bad man. I’m a bad, bad man. I am what happens when you grow up without a dad. 

I am fucking crazy. And I’m not free. I love you but I love her more. You have each other and I have nothing. Except my poems. Sex drugs and avant garde poetry. I am here to receive. There’s something off about that guy John Doe. I am starting to get seriously worried about that guy John Doe. So much darkness.

I enter a trance state when you text me. I love listening to music. Girls with high body counts deserve love too. Out of your pain comes your purpose. God speaks to me through happy endings and I put it in my poems. Sometimes Bill Wilson comes to me in dreams. He tells me 2022 is gonna be my year. He wraps me in an American flag and tells Lois to suck me off. Bitch I’m carrying the torch. Alcoholism. The family disease. I’m sick I’m so sick I’m sick. I don’t think you understand that my life depends on you picking up this call. 


I have a list of things that are soothing and you’re still on it. My sponsor said I can call you. And I might. If I pray hard enough maybe my number might be unblocked. But I’m too scared to try. Please retweet this. Liking my poems will make me love you violently. That’s a promise. 

Sometimes men want to be held too. Sometimes we all crave violence. I crave violence. The gap in my resume is from when I was exploring my mind. I miss the nurses. I love you nurses. Nurses should be paid more than doctors. Nurses are the ones who saved me. I ❤️ tortured women. 

Missionary so you can break up with me face to face. Not. Over. The. Fucking. Phone. To. Tell. Me. You’re. In. California. With. Him. Ex boyfriend is a fucking slur. Never call me that again. My heart is a marsupial you live inside it. And yeah I fuck with gay guys. They’re nice to me. That’s all I want kitten. Someone to be nice. Do you know how much meanness I face on a daily basis? Do you? Don’t stop believing. 

Pussy from a girl who can’t stand me. I don’t want that anymore even though I do. Don’t forget me. I’m immortal. What a curse. Your heart is North Korea. Our lovemaking is a demilitarized zone. I want a sweetheart. There’s an art to drug abuse and it’s this. Dirty dirty dirty I spend so long trying to be clean but I’m dirty dirty dirty. Open me up. I’m begging the 19 year old to walk me off the ledge. I’m saying PLEASE. She loves my hands, the pictures of them. I think I’m in over my hands right now. Please read the following words very carefully. 

I am what happens when you grow up without a dad. And methinks I’m suicidal. And I love you very much. 


image: Terry Richardson