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Meg Johnson, Bitch photo

All the Meg Johnsons
would like to kill me,
and I, Meg Johnson,
would like to kill them.

Another Meg Johnson
can wear your dead body
draped over them
like a fur stole, but
it's not illegal because
you're both named
Meg Johnson.

Feminist Meg Johnson
and alt-right Meg Johnson
cancel each other out, so
why even Meg Johnson

When one Meg Johnson
claims the work of another
Meg Johnson as their own,
this is classified as living
body murder.

What is the meaning of life?
you cry out before getting
distracted by a purse. How many
cheeseburgers will it take
to resurrect you?

You will never eat enough
cheeseburgers, and that's
the end of this poem.



image: Mandy McLaren