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this existence

most of the time
i am
bored and warm


funny story
think it might be true
the first police constable
in the united kingdom
to be killed 
while on duty
was named
joseph grantham

in 1830
he was kicked
in the temple
by two drunkards
blunt trauma
and hey
that’s my name too

better off than some

on the bus
listening to the album
about the guy
who lost his wife
to cancer
she died
of cancer
he doesn’t have her
and i thought i had
it bad
truth is
i am this close
to pissing in my pants
and every time the bus
hits a pothole
my bladder shrugs

know it all

a lot of life
is like 
someone approaching
tapping you
on the shoulder
to tell you that 
“the skin is the largest
organ of the human body”
and you have to say
yes i know that 
most people know that
by now
you’re not special
but thank you


image: Carabella Sands