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October 12, 2018 Poetry

Five poems

Alyse Knorr

Five poems photo

scare tactics

I grew hands by the dozen
I was a generalized reaching
clasping monster it was
not a dream shared or
otherwise it was neither
yours nor mine nor ours

the scariest thing

today I’m a tough guy—
digging up holes & eating
all the dirt   when I’m not
clear I was never clear  
when I am I was never not
today I toughly learned
that four screams means
SOS   on a train   you
nuzzled into my neck
& said words mean little
when they come from your
mouth      it hit me like         
a riddle  like a riddle or a joke

another of the same

let’s say we say nothing
ever happened
& wipe our brains

clean then press
play from
the beginning—

if new, use new, like:
bones of your bones
how far can we go

when will you get
here & which stone
will we meet at       

& what can I not
invent from this
terrible long night

why is the measure of love loss

listen: I’ve learned a brand new way
of seeing, through hard & soft eyes.
I’ve learned I may be a fixed
& limited animal. I may know

what is happening, but not how.
we may be entangled by spooky actions.
no, this will never do—                       
I’ve never taught life anything,
& I only woke when I thought I slept.


I can be quiet
I said I can
hide rust sink
I can dry up
into my bones
those hard sponges
pulleyed aloft
each day a routine
I have been living        
too long to remember

image: Raegan Bird