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'drop the most iconic photo of you' 

THREAD In 2018, I was not doing well. 

Addicted to beer. 

Working a dead-end retail job as a corporate mattress salesman. Barely making ends meet. Not eating healthy. Not happy. 

There seemed to be no way out. Rent was always due. My boss was always down my neck about sales numbers. My life was a rollercoaster of hangovers and failing to meet company figures.

Most people would give up. I know just 10 seconds of my life back then would kill the average person. My hangovers could stun an elephant. But deep down I couldn't. 

Because I had 400 followers on twitter. 

400 people who cared enough to click 'follow' and read the daily regurgitations of my addled brain. 

It may sound crazy, but those 400 people kept me alive. Because of them, I could view myself not as 'pathetic' but as 'ironic content.' 

Because of them, my life wasn't an oubliette of misery and despair -- it was a sitcom! Like Seinfeld or The Office! 

And so? I got through it. I drank even more. I quit my job and got on my dad's trust fund. 

And the funny thing is? Those 400 followers... 

Today, there's 1700 of them. 

Oh, and I have a bestselling book and multiple A-ranks in Sonic Adventure 2. 

So yeah. I'd say I've come pretty far for a poor performing mattress salesman who puked black hangover bile before every shift. 

Thanks for the support everyone. Stay tuned. Much more to come. Can't spoil what's ahead but suffice to say I may attempt to falsely accuse a fellow indie writer of war crimes in a psychotic bid for even more attention