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February 25, 2016 Poetry

Alpha Centauri, Taylor Rain

Vishal Narang

Alpha Centauri, Taylor Rain photo


I've seen my friend Taylor sleeping
mouth open sometimes, one time with a boner

Whenever I've awoken him, he has
acknowledged my presence immediately

and put his hand in the air
sometimes like a gang sign

Taylor is so alert
he could do anything probably

I can see him in a trench
adjusting his helmet, shooting a gun

I can see him in a driveway
raking leaves while it's raining

baking a potato with computer science

beating a dusty carpet
with a lamb's bone

installing a work of art
a giant foam pretzel

the star closest to the sun

a bitten straw sticky with root beer

rain that stops pouring
when I finally get home



image: Aaron Burch