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1. If Train A leaves from Washington, DC for New York at 6 a.m., and Train B leaves from Washington, DC for New York at 8 a.m., why did Train A leave while Train B was still getting ready? They both average 60 mph. Is Train A capable of apologizing just once? To the nearest 10th, how many hours after Train A leaves will Train B consider rerouting to any other destination, like the beach? 

2. Train A travels north at 60 mph. Train C also travels north, on a parallel track, at 50 mph. How many hours until Train A realizes that while Train C’s railcars have quite a nice shape, as Train A has repeatedly pointed out, her engine design is ENTIRELY unoriginal. (Zero and infinity are both incorrect answers.)

3. If Train A is so into Train C, why didn’t he ask HER to New York?

4. Train A and Train B start at the same point, at 8 a.m. traveling in opposite directions at 50 and 60 mph respectively. Assuming they both continue for three solid hours, how much time to “think” does Train A honestly need? 

5. Train A and Train B, 300 miles apart, are traveling toward each other on a single track with a constant speed of 60 and 70 mph respectively. Train A’s and Train B’s friends warned them about this. Why did neither of them listen, knowing FULL WELL how it would turn out? 


image: D.T. Robbins