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A Capricorn’s Weekly Horoscope While Her Father is Dying of Cancer photo

3/31: The day is young. Dress smart today Capricorn, big things on the horizon. When standing in front of new people, don’t forget to smile. People are drawn to you, but you forget to drop your defenses. Beware of rain so cold it will raise entire armies of goosebumps and phone calls from your mother about your dying father. Tap shoes are the new Vans.


4/1: You’ll be taking a trip today Capricorn. When your partner wants to offer support, let them. Don’t be afraid to lean on those around you, reserve your strength for what’s to come. Enjoy the little things, like French vanilla cappuccinos from gas station service counters. Trust the doctors, but not hospital vending machines. Watch out for asteroids!


4/2: It’s someone’s special day today Capricorn. Surprise them because you both have something to lose in the upcoming days. Rely closely on family friends today, especially those in the medical industry who will share the bluntness that doctors can’t. Buy some petunias.


4/3: Capricorn, the day will seem bright to start. Butterflies flock around colorful things, so maybe shake the gloom of the last few days by doing something kind for yourself. Beware of the multiple calls from your mother. Dance in the rainbow when it presents itself but remember that rain is a constant companion, so maybe grab an umbrella. Just in case.


4/4: The forecast is full of stormy weather. It’s time for a trip again, darling Capricorn, so don’t forget your bright teal raincoat. Try not to focus on the fact you still have work to do, but rather, try to invest in the joys of ritual building with your partner. Don’t laugh too hard when you have to stop at the same hotel as before, buy the same meal as before, drink the same gas station cappuccinos as before. Hotel beds may feel familiar but resist their comfort long into the night.


4/5: Buck up today Capricorn. You always handle these things better than your peers but don’t forget other people’s feelings in the need for efficiency. When they wheel your father into your childhood home (eight hours later than scheduled) feed your mother and send her to bed. She may refuse and snore obnoxiously in front of the television. Try not to judge people, especially hospice nurses, by their appearances, or their tardiness. Comfort will be needed in the late hours of the night, and morphine will smell like a lollipop left out for too long.


4/6: Capricorn, you know the meaning of the call before you even answer it. It’s ok to show emotion, but of course, you won’t when you are around others. A flag draped on your father’s dead body will be your undoing. Beware the wide depths of your emotions Capricorn. End the day at your father’s favorite restaurant, with a margarita on hand, staring at a seat that should be filled, but instead, sits empty, green and hollow at the end of the lacquered flowered table.


image: Aaron Burch