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January 10, 2014 Poetry

6 Poems

Lucas Simon Foster

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The Day After Watching ‘Carousel’ (1956) in Santa Monica

She is not my aunt:
She is the wife of my dad's ‘stoner’ cousin,
who crashed my grandmother’s car in Beverly Hills
in the late 70's.


'Carnal Knowledge’ (1971)

It's Drew's “favorite movie,” and now
my grandmother,
whose face swelled in the late 60's when she had too much ibuprofen,

my oldest brother,
Drew, an effusive
lover of family and friends and film and history and
change and
film and history and
Noam Chomsky
and change and
nothing and
no one— my brother loves—
I’m pretty sure—
no one


The Night I Watched the First Two ‘Friday the 13th’ Movies (1980, 1981) in Santa Monica

You told me a story about a guy who liked you—
who misguidedly ‘explained’ parallel universes in an effort to reveal his ‘crush,’
concluding with,
‘for instance, in a parallel universe I'd ask you out.’

I am that guy, without his cushions of boyhood and lankiness.

I feel like an aged goblin, especially around you.
You posses the finesse of a
future Columbia University student,
straight up.

We watched 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie' together,
and I fidgeted with a then full of puss, intact pimple,
eventually stopping to focus on you,
staring at your outstretched legs of freakish length,
which I remembered from prom night.


Maybe Around the Time I Watched ‘Dogtooth’ (2009) in Los Angeles

vision of a vague amalgam of
my two brothers
only getting drunk on Fridays:
he, the amalgam, puts on a party hat,
drunkenly boasting to a group of friends,
‘I love my girlfriend!
I haven’t been drunk in two months!


Around the Time I Watched ‘South Park’ (1997-?) in Gambier

Should we smash the cricket of silence and smear its remains on our knees?
How do you feel about rap music? Do you know A$AP Rocky?
I don’t like Lil Durk yet; I don’t like Rich Homie Quan yet—it’s 2011.

I have a high-speed Internet connection
and collection of cult classic Turkish DVDs.

Let’s reenact your preferred TV or film version of
after we ‘do sex’
(have sex).


Around the Time I Watched ‘Room 237’ (2012) in Santa Monica

I’ve heard that comedy will always be best represented by
I've heard this on a podcast,
live at a comedy show
and from different friends.

I uploaded a picture of my family’s chocolate Labrador,
to Facebook
in which she is curled up in my room
on two large,
plaid pillows;
on school nights, in that position,
she often farted,
emitting a distractingly comforting smell.



image: Lucas Simon Foster