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October 6, 2014 Poetry

4 Poems

Madison Langston

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i’ve slept with someone who had a girlfriend
somewhere else i’ve slept with someone who
told me they loved their ex-girlfriend immediately
after sleeping together i’ve slept with someone
who just got back together with their ex-fiance i’ve
slept with someone in a car when i was sober
and it was really good i’ve slept with someone and
their brother i know i know i know i’ve slept with
someone i was in love with once and it was terrible



i think my most
sexual fantasy
is to be at lunch
with a group
of russian men
who love me
but haven’t told me yet

in the fantasy
everyone is in
love with each
other and also
with bill clinton
or vodka

we’re also listening to
lil wayne
and making eye
and i am talking
to one of them
about having
a mild interest
in glowsticks

or maybe everyone
is quiet
but either
way i am
a lot of

i think
my most
emotional fantasy
is to find
who loves me
to kill me

but i don’t know
that kind of
turns me on
so maybe it
should be my most
sexual fantasy instead



got really high and went to the mall and thought everyone in the food court was a cop

took ecstasy before senior homecoming dance, arrived at dance to find dad was the dj

vague memory of driving home very slowly through (possibly hallucinated) road work while extremely high on ether

fell asleep in cheerleading coach’s classroom instead of going to lunch, got suspended for skipping class

stood in friend's parents' yard with two friends, one friend got on all fours behind me and the other friend pushed me causing me to fall over friends on all fours, felt really scared

went to mexican restaurant with ~5 other girls after we participated in a beauty walk

vague memory of getting in trouble/getting ‘called out’ for yawning at ~7am during cheerleading camp

did coke for the first time

did coke in a dippin dots bathroom

teacher ‘got in my face’ and asked if i was a christian, felt confused and sleepy

woke up on the ground tripping on acid at a string cheese concert , chubby man in overalls happily dancing over me



i listen to motorhead
drink coffee
pray you’ll never have good sex again
get really tan
fuck everyone i know


image: Kier Cooke Sandvik