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May 30, 2018 Poetry

2 Poems

Zoe Brezsny

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How Much

How much salmon can you eat in one day?
The privilege of the worry of mercury
The privilege of the worry of dry, aging skin
Victoria Beckham eats salmon every day
She’s in Dolce and Gabbana at Lucien
where all the rich beautiful girls
of NYC with artist parents go
to pose under golden lights
Nice to see you in real life
off the ‘gram
Everything is a joke
to be funny as a female
a funny female with salmon skin
drinking a blue Hawaiian from a straw
A blue Hawaiian is an invitation
to love when you are walking
alone from the bathroom to the bar
Nothing can be devoid of meaning
Empty of the holy
but neon blue and glistening



My love of beauty
Is earthy and sensual
Hers is more abstract, a Libra
with an eating disorder
A funny female
doing ketamine on a plane


Know Your Conjure

I’m sweating at the party
in a wool sweater

Plan B fizzing
under water

I get wet off
The Dark Triad:

Narcissism, psychopathy,

Human jerky
fool’s gold

People dig in the arid mountains
searching for a fungus 

to cure cancer

you’re in a black t-shirt 
worn backwards

drinking alcohol
in an ornamental chalice

Like the grapes and velvet
draping the table,

you know me like an artifact

and simulate moments of intimacy
you’ve seen online

You’ve mastered turning
the inside of your brain 
into its own red planet

Little scares you now

You arrange The Wasteland
Flowers of Evil,

and a bunch 
of lemons in a circle
and sing,

Today is the greatest day I’ve ever known

You say you are enlightened now,

but acknowledge that isn't 
a very enlightened thing to say


image: Orion Martin