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August 6, 2018 Poetry

Heavy Metal Love Song

Lia Mastropolo

Heavy Metal Love Song photo

Heavy Metal Love Song

Street drafts off the two-tone carpet in my underworld            

Air so much wetter than the memory of it        sharpness of weather
spoiling for more life

Two buses linked by accordion chains kneel down to lift a wheelchair on

Like I could eat everything, your bonfire, your inseamed throat

Germinated in darkness           roots grated to a vitamin paste
Sleek as loneliness
when I unlock
your door

Hibiscus bowl and crude gesture
I can’t help but feel strange about this version

how the snow hangs in the sky
how the one mailbox in the cul-de-sac won’t close     The doorknob spins

If you are sleeping dream that the sound you hear is a horse’s hooves

Dream of fringe and leather and a lady in black          Your gun, where is it

Gears might shift
but I like the slowness of it       how the lifting off becomes the attack

how when I call
the others join me

because sometimes it feels right to have a body
coming for you like commas to your cattle drive

stetson-shadow and bootheels
front steps
your ranch.


image: Aaron Burch