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Pool Party

A person in a pool of water
drinks it all up. All the other swimmers
are left wriggling.
       Maybe she has ridden
a unicycle from the most distant cape
ever fastened round the neck
of the land. Or she might have a leak
that springs as a spa in the north hills.

But she is thirstier than bleached flour
in a bowl. Thirstier than old women
turning to brass on their spits
along the sundeck.
                 She must drink,
starting on the bottom & drawing
from her diaphragm
until the bottom becomes the top
& then nothing more
than an eggshell-
blue depression of a pool
abandoned to skateboards. 

We’ll see what the next few days bring
a person who drinks herself out
of a pool of water.
The people are very angry.

Naïve Poetry


At the big school dance we ask is this
enough or is this enough
is this or this
between us
to keep the fathers standing
in the shadow balcony & soaking white.


Blackberry lipstick limousine subwoofer
waiting for the awkward rubber romp.

Later crybaby born bored
bedazzled & begging the what.

Let’s just hit the Jehu riffs in seven.

[Decoder rings set to Track 1 – 1:46 elapsed.]


What do I meme? Ultimate Frisbee.


image: Chelsea Martin