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August 20, 2014 Poetry

2 Poems

Paul Elliott

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Counterculture I (of II)

                 When I was eighteen I went to college.

                 When I was seventeen I was stoned.

                 When I was seventeen I was complacent to the thought ‘It Is In Your Best Interest To Go To College.’ I still don’t know if it was.

                 When I was seventeen and one quarter I was stoned and searched the Internet for ‘counterculture colleges’. The number one result was a list called ‘TOP TEN COUNTERCULTURE COLLEGES’ on hightimes.com. At the time of this writing the article is still available via the following hyperlink: http://www.hightimes.com/read/top-ten-counterculture-colleges.

                 At the very least you should follow the link and look at the first counterculture college on the High Times list. That’s exactly what I did when I was seventeen and one quarter.

                 And then I went to that college. I went to the first college on the High Times list of TOP TEN COUNTERCULTURE COLLEGES.

                 I have a diploma, too.

                 From the number one school on the High Times list.

                 I am $26,000 in debt.



Joni Says

                  Joni says, “Time moves so fast these days.”

                  Joni is somewhere between three and four times my age and I am twenty-two.

                 It is Valentine’s Day and Joni is cooking dinner.

                 I ask her if she is cooking a ‘Valentine’s Day dinner’.

                 Joni shouts .

                 "What? It’s Valentine’s Day?”

                 She is very surprised.

                 I decide to suppress my lust of youth and sit with her a little longer.

                 Joni thinks I am funny because today I am wearing nice clothes that have ketchup stains on them.

                 I think Joni is funny because she did not know today is Valentine’s Day.

                 I ask her if she really didn’t know.

                 She says that she really didn’t know.

                 Now Joni is telling me that if I want a job I should go through the phone book to ‘see what’s out there’.

                 I tell Joni that nobody uses phone books anymore.

                 “Oh they don’t, do they?”

                 Joni gave me a couple of old cameras today.

                 One of them looks like it was once taken on family vacations in the 60s and I wonder what it has seen.

                 I spilled my cup of coffee and broke the mug on Joni’s porch when I was getting the cameras. Joni had left them in a plastic bag on the porch for me.

                 I meant to wash the coffee off her porch so that it didn’t stain.

                 But I forgot.

                 Time moves so fast these days, you know?

                 When I said goodbye to Joni I told her to have a nice day.

                 She looked at me startled and confused, as if I were an intruder.

                 She smiled “Well, sure, why the hell not?” and I left, smiling.


image: Paul Elliott