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Watching The Wolf of Wall Street

what if instead of writing poems and going to grad school
we did coke and were super into economics or something
that would be insane
i wonder what kind of haircuts we would have
do you think we would go on extravagant vacations
i want to go to berlin
instead of doing coke and being into economics let’s be into weed and be farmers in new zealand
i want to be a new zealand farming power couple
do you think anti-depressants work because i take them and i still don’t know
you looked cute wrapped in a blanket when i met you
and when we drove around you had mild bursts of road rage and i felt happy and
attracted to you


It’s May, I’m Depressed

i feel positive emotions when i listen to certain guided by voices songs
my body feels light and i feel like i am being loved in a friendly way
by every guy i’ve ever slept with and the one’s with good taste in music
are like oh hmm guided by voices, i wonder what songs
most guys who have good taste in music are dickheads
some dickheads are really good in bed but i don’t know if it’s worth it
it’s okay to sleep with a dickhead if they tell you about guided by voices
but i found out about guided by voices from one of my roommates


image: Tara Wray