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The Love Doll: Days 1 – 30


i drove a car for the first time

outside lena dunham’s parents’ country house


i felt the spirit of misguided guileless glorious girls 

and all the cows in the valley were calling my name 


i did good

you are all to thank


the only incident a near miss of baby lavender 

your mom planted and will tend

with seaweed mulch 

we bought for her



i liked doing something for her with you 

when we’re not supposed to

in light of the 




that i hope and maybe know

we sit the same side on


Instacart order #3123


what do i fucking care what gloria e. thinks of me?

do i not have the right to nitrous oxide 

delivered to my door

if i tip well?

if i am honest 

“anyone can ask me anything”

but i won’t let you read my sappy poetry


The Caretaker challenge


imagine never showing another person an empty bliss beyond this world 

for their very first time 

and falling asleep to it, manic dreaming of a pixie

crouched on the bed 

unraveling threads 

of the heart sewn on a yohji sleeve


luxe luxe luxe in a new duvet

i am a twenty-five-year-old divorcée! 

who got the house in exchange for a continent 


my room is so loud i never forget to live in the world

or play songs

or run far

or still end calls “i love you”


or love another


here’s a track that ends on a broken in half note beat


one to watch a tan line form and one to watch it fade