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Pan and the Nanny Goat photo

Pan and the Nanny Goat

                         After ancient Pompeii marble sculpture

The God of the Wild yanks his lover's chin hair, 
clasps her knee, his godhood fully aroused. Lip 
curled in pleasure, he's a foreigner to yearning, 
alien to provinces of actuality. What do our bodies 
know but the wilder side of everything damned. 
Remember D.C. that winter, you and I strangers 
sharing a cab ride on the last night in town. Soon, 
the incognito awning of the Renaissance Hotel 
offered itself, and the lone flickering street lamp 
was Del Rio weeping "Llorando" in Club Silencio. 
That night all of America suffered to touch— 
everything was laid bare by the moon, that insomniac 
pounding on the walls of the dark, its wanton tongue 
caught between teeth, lolling, like a wild onion.

image: Carabella Sands