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February 26, 2021 Poetry

Two Poems

Shangyang Fang

Two Poems photo

Utterance of a Folding Fan

the missing bones are carved
by wind : the wind is a rickety
chime, chattering : moths captured
in a lamp : the sleeplessness

congeals a mirror : the mirror
calls : a silvery voice is broken :
water drips from the crack :
bones are filled with dark wax

& cannot make a sound : the orchid
is a grievous girl, tapping a nightly
mountain temple : a fan is opened
by time : the orchid drawn out

of the sheath forges into a sword
cutting waterlines : the fan
is closed : plums fall, crickets weave
shattered scales : mayflies

live for descendants : the white
gown on the boat plays a flute :
a river filling with maple leaves
listens to the evening bell



Op.64 in C♯

to be awake is to find one

-self, raw as a bowl of lilies

waking up in the mirror 



image: Doug Paul Case