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doing coke in your 30s is like draw thee nearer to god fr photo


i wnt 2b fig cradld
yr palms undr smmr snlite,
or perhaps
aglow bneath
hrsh flrescent tube, dsky mauve
in yr hnds begging
2b split opn, fingered n tongued
at yr leisure. u take a spoon
n xkv8 my guts n i say
“thank u
,” n “
pls more,” n
“agn, o gd
, agn.”
don’t kno much abt figs
, gud w/ goat cheese n
arugula, floral blossoms
lil fireworks, exact shape
scrotum when
cock swells blud thinking u.
i cld wtch u
gntly bisect n devour
now til etrnity, finicky
when it cums to their preferent
clime. thot of lrning
more2write this, wikipedia entries,
scientific facts abt shksprean fruits.
thnkflly, all i need2know
abt figs is
they mttr2u.


railing oxycontin in the bathroom @ the sackler gallery

you dreamt of kissing
me and instantly i could
see You wrapped in my arms beneath the jacarandas in the smogsmear sunset loving
los angeles loving
each other. i could fuck You forever in this moment fully clothed. i can’t
Believe we found parking in ktown. i’ve never been to the bay but i would love to
drive You home. if we were 2gether
in the sackler gallery rn wut wld u do ;) i can see us tilling the earth
together. You look like jacquemus without trying i think
i saw the stratosphere in your eyes. tender tender my fingertips your teeth
morsel of brie or babybel. i would learn to grow any fruit You wanted
just to present you a delicate denotation of my labor
, both hands outstretched for your momentary delight. i think it would be cute.


chinotto perchino

i want you the way borzois want wolves: on instinct
.           on all fours frightened to death
paint fur blood mink               ,
in the dark like gonzalez-torres

i lick your armpit and taste chlorined sodium
. a kennel is all potential energy
like hemispheres of alloyed plutonium
or a puzzle pinned not to the wall really

basically what i am trying to tell you is that i went to the cathedral on ash wednesday
and knelt down in the pews in the rain and the darkness|
                           i thanked god for hail and whiskey dick and declined payments and fake xans
                           and rock molly. for every time she fucked up my plans
. when congress bans our faves we will smuggle them through customs and call it praxis
. i could live forever phototrophic                 reverseengineering tragedy in your fallout seascape