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August 7, 2023 Poetry

3 Poems

Nidhi Agrawal

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My body is soaking warm water
On a cold afternoon.
Mom asked me to soak the beans
Overnight in water.
So what?
I am allowed to forget things,

Water makes love with the air bubbles,
Banters me
Reminds me of my solitude.
I don't want to misbehave
Who doesn't want to?
Soak some skin in lust,
Slide and glide against the ice slab?

This body wash leaves my skin dry
I didn't know ginger could be taxing
Well, you can never tell until you try.
My body throbs
In rose water's embrace.
Sweet mercy! Look at the mirror!
I like how my curves hug
Scoops of foam.
A little self-lusting does not harm,
What do you think?


Oh shut up!
You little warlike- talkie.
Wipe your naked
Water-dipped body with the
Towel weaved into wasted words,
Discard this piece of cloth
In the washing machine
Just to let go!



Free-flowing body odor stays and
Haunts your bathroom's bottom,
Calls you to hug your bare body and
Touch the silky tap spring sprinkled across
The four walls.

The raw finish of the velvet skin
When you embrace your bosom,
The shimmering pearls of water on
Your cupid’s bow, and
How the almond butter oozes out of
Your frisky eyes,
Ruddy, cotton rose petals sleeping
On the curvature of your heart,
“I like the way how you wriggle when
Your mind doesn’t agree with your heart”.

Blotting velvet under the
Running body odor presses the pile down,
And ruins the fabric.
The pearls grow dim, exfoliate and disappear when you shower wearing them.
The almond butter frosts in apathy,
The rose petals decay, and
The heart debilitate every time
Your mind refuses to give it the freedom to
Fly high, in the open sky.



Plain, second floor slammed with
Poignant tinge of paint,
Crimson, flaming roses choked with substance
On the walls,
Turquoise, iridescent lapis lazuli stuffed with poison
On the ceiling.

Dead paper stack lying on
Coffee stained wooden table,
Delicate, breezy curtains
Singing the melancholy,
Hallowed, oval lucrative glass ovals
Creep around smoke filled mouths.

On the mundane second floor,
Butterflies flutter, hop and sing in thrill
On crimson, flaming roses
Gill-bearing aquatic fishes dive
Into turquoise, iridescent lapis lazuli
Dead paper stack fly in the air
Coffee beans break the barriers to
Dissolve into the wood
Breezy curtains fall in love with the windows
The glass crystallizes into diamond rush.
Dreams don’t intern!