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A Phan's Notes: the Professional Ballplayer

Justin St. Germain

As I write this, on a Friday afternoon in early August, the Phillies are losing 7-2 in Washington, and Scott Hairston is walking up to the plate to pinch-hit for the Nationals. My phone is

A Phan's Notes: Veterans

Justin St. Germain

As I write this, just past noon on the Fourth of July, the Phillies are losing to the Pirates 2-1 in the bottom of the fifth. If they hold on to lose, they’ll be six games under. 500 and—oh, in the

A Phan's Notes: Rooting for Laundry

Justin St. Germain

The Phillies recently came to Phoenix, the closest pro baseball city to me, for a four-game set on Mother’s Day weekend. I don’t have much in the way of obligations on that particular holiday, for

A Phan's Notes: On Patience

Justin St. Germain

As I write this, nearly a month into the season, my beloved Phillies flounder in third place. Even that dubious standing owes much to their good fortune over the weekend, which saw Detroit sweep

A Phan's Notes: The Twilight of Roy Halladay

Justin St. Germain

I’ve resolved this baseball season to watch every game played by my favorite team, the Philadelphia Phillies, and to send periodic dispatches to our faithful editors here at Hobart.



A Recap of the Philadelphia Eagles at the Cleveland Browns In the Form of a Review of Old Crow Reserve Bourbon

Justin St. Germain

It’s 10:57 Albuquerque time, eight minutes before kickoff, and I’m already flustered. I hosted a party last night, which means I woke up this morning with a clogged kitchen drain and beer bottles

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