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July 19, 2024 | Poetry

3 Poems

Cash Compson

october bumble date

less human. less here.
my mother lost my face and now i’m
everywhere. smeared in public. pulp
in private. self-immolation summer on demand.
i’ll love you all again
at the

July 18, 2024 | Poetry

I Wouldn’t Last a Minute Anywhere

Madi bean

Video surveillance is for your safety 

I lost my thought and now I can't do anything but listen 


Writing is only anything if you can sublimate or depreciate the original thing into a

July 15, 2024 | Poetry

Five Poems

Sam Robinson

now Icarus has gone swimming and I see him in the Sun

July 11, 2024 | Poetry

Five Poems

Cletus Crow

tomorrow is what garfield / hates most of all

July 8, 2024 | Poetry

Queer Joy

Thomas Renjilian

There’s a police helicopter in the rainbow!

I’m so happy for Greta Gerwig and all she’s done for gender!

The price is so low when you buy 100 units of Botox at a time!

A psychic told my

July 2, 2024 | Poetry

Three Poems

Elmore Collins

Ninety percent of the time 
there are two women.

June 24, 2024 | Poetry

Three Poems

Natalie Viebrock

That thought, that wish,
that plan: your girl.

June 19, 2024 | Poetry

4 Poems

Chloe Wheeler

hello Camel cigarettes, popcorn, and thorns, wires, barbs.

June 18, 2024 | Poetry

Divorce Poems

Elizabeth Ellen

I was going to be celibate now like Julia Fox

June 12, 2024 | Poetry

Six Poems

Ulyses Razo

you said you hated me three times


you bit me a hundred and one times

June 11, 2024 | Poetry


Sam Cooke

I am not a dog
I am an actor
I am a chemist this is

June 6, 2024 | Poetry

2 Poems

Mather Schneider

He finally died in midsummer 
when it was hot as hell.

June 4, 2024 | Poetry

3 Poems

Little Tank

it's time I take me and my broken heart to some other country where girls would kill for me

May 30, 2024 | Poetry

2 Poems

PJ Lombardo

miserable, swimming laps, aghast with vacancy

May 30, 2024 | Poetry

what makes a question important 

Kate Ehrenberg

may the little coffee cup 
be blown over 
a cheap china pattern 
blue bulbs 

blooms on white 

a single cereal bowl 
from this set disperses 

and appears 
in apartment cabinets 
all over

May 29, 2024 | Poetry

Two Poems

Nolo Segundo

Moloch Eternal [1969 version}

we see an instant reply
of brains blasted at arm’s length

we gawk in color amazement
at monks posing as scarecrows
dressed in silken robes of flame

we turn

May 24, 2024 | Poetry

Three Cat Poems

Cletus Crow

mew mew

May 20, 2024 | Poetry

3 Poems

Grace Dougherty

All the way up Highland isn’t Burbank, it’s heaven!

May 2, 2024 | Poetry

3 Poems

Mather Schneider

Lorena told Sofia to put a drop of her own pee
in her man’s beer
if she wanted him to love her
so she did 
and by God it worked.

April 25, 2024 | Poetry

Two Drinks in at the Oyster Bar

Hayden Church

“Have you tried hookers?
Church? God? Your dead
mother? Pills? Coke? Crack?”

April 16, 2024 | Poetry

Just One Bite

Ashley Bardhan

She began imagining what it might have been like to be Agatha, crying and disheveled with both pale breasts exposed.

April 10, 2024 | Poetry

Word Problems

Amelia Kindall

In time, the questions become increasingly diffuse, numbers jumble and disappear, the symbolic order smears.

March 25, 2024 | Poetry

2 Poems

Aurora Shimshak

I’m softest when I remember he was gone
from her too.

March 21, 2024 | Poetry

Two Eulogies

Hayden Church

I begin to write a eulogy for
a guy who doesn't exist.

March 18, 2024 | Poetry

3 Poems

Amaya Hopkins

Summer of Veal

It was the summer of veal,
and I tried to reach for my rifle
but bullets melted like ice in heat.

Glaring, shine on my head.
Always seconds from passing out, 

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