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December 16, 2012 | Fiction

The Way We Sleep Blog Tour

The Way We Sleep, an anthology of prose, comics, interviews, all about how we spend our time in and around beds was<a class="more" href="/web_features/the-way-we-sleep-blog-tour">... more</a>

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No Bull Bourbon: Evan Williams Egg Nog photo

December 14, 2012 | No Bull Bourbon Reviews

No Bull Bourbon: Evan Williams Egg Nog

Christopher Newgent

This Evan Williams Eggnog has all of what you’d expect in a nog. That strong taste of Christmas, of vanilla and cream and cinnamon and nutmeg.

Two Poems photo

December 13, 2012 | Poetry

Two Poems

Rob Kenagy

flowering and husking in the cornfield. Blooming / and ripping ourselves open. Surprising even our kin.

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December 12, 2012 | Fiction


Linda McCullough Moore

The A.D.T. man has only come to fix the security system, check each connect, repair the wire that’s frayed, reprogram the alarm before he drives off to do the same thing three blocks over. He wants no part in these people’s lives, he has no heart to join their quest for the secure, their rich man fantasy they can protect themselves, if only they will pay.