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Two Poems photo
July 25, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Maggie Graber

April A cycle with seven edges equals my dream of bicycle spokes jutting towards the center of an ice cream bowl.... more

Two Poems photo
July 21, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Molly Bess Rector

You were dead: tiny birds of glass littered the road like jeweled confetti for a New Year’s bash.

To the Loch Ness photo
July 19, 2016 | Poetry

To the Loch Ness

Cait Weiss

Or more specifically its monster, long tail whisper in our swimming pool: in a valley girl’s mind. 

Two Poems photo
July 15, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Anna Deem

Dibs In Chicago, we use dibs to take ownership of what we will never own. Traffic cones, rusted patio chairs, strollers, a... more

Morning Rituals photo
July 14, 2016 | Poetry

Morning Rituals

Todd Osborne

He started as a single Clay Aiken, the one we all knew with the smiling face and aw-shucks demeanor

Lone Horse Running photo
July 12, 2016 | Poetry

Lone Horse Running

E.G. Cunningham

If this were paint it’d be asymptotic, red.

Four Poems photo
July 6, 2016 | Poetry

Four Poems

Shayla Lawson

Too many toasties cut in quarters for Subway. Too many indemnity claims at Allstate.

Three Poems photo
July 4, 2016 | Poetry

Three Poems

Joshua Johnston

If you’re wanting to write a poem that will appeal to the largest possible amount of people, you really can’t go wrong writing a poem about water.

Four Poems photo
July 1, 2016 | Poetry

Four Poems

Chloe N. Clark

we feel safe when we taste one another and we feel safest when our mouths are numb

two poems photo
June 29, 2016 | Poetry

two poems

JDA Winslow

  believing in nothing listening to jazz cooking purple sprouting rituals evoking somelike the aspirations of the... more

Two Poems photo
June 28, 2016 | Poetry

Two Poems

Emily Sipiora

please alert The

Paris Review that this wrenching November

is truly the cruelest month of all.

4 Poems photo
June 24, 2016 | Poetry

4 Poems

Lydia Hounat

the drugs didn’t wear off,
the guy she wants to get in bed
                                doesn’t really care.

when she was 6 she’d never touch cigarettes,
                                but drugs made her slip

2 Poems photo
June 23, 2016 | Poetry

2 Poems

Wendy C. Ortiz

washing the wound
in beer and poetry

5 Poems photo
June 21, 2016 | Poetry

5 Poems

Hanna Mangold

Yellow 1 & 2 I will no longer keep you; I will remember you yellow you have a beautiful yellow ache, a scarf made of heavy... more

A Giant Cat Poem photo
June 20, 2016 | Poetry

A Giant Cat Poem

Noah Cicero

  There is not one song in my YouTube  favorites  sad enough to endure this night wearing my... more

i can't watch tv anymore ever basically photo
June 17, 2016 | Poetry

i can't watch tv anymore ever basically

Paige Allen

the cat and i are watching HBO pretending time passes much faster than it does like how this guy has... more

June 15, 2016 | Poetry


Skylar Moore

  For three days, I drive the city in search of PetCo. Day one, I tell myself that PetCo will be easy to find. I... more

An Offertory, on a Small Court photo
June 13, 2016 | Poetry

An Offertory, on a Small Court

Julia Dixon Evans

We turned off the game and drove to the mountains, a dead dog in the backseat

two poems photo
June 10, 2016 | Poetry

two poems

Alana Folsom



June 8, 2016 | Poetry


Philip Dinolfo

  One day I came across an inverted map of the Western Hemisphere. Cape Horn was in Alaska's usual position. I felt very... more

all gods & mysteries photo
June 7, 2016 | Poetry

all gods & mysteries

Aran Donovan

  love becoming, like an apple, this requires time, starred blossom, then summer, the attention of bees, grown... more

Elegy with arms folded photo
June 6, 2016 | Poetry

Elegy with arms folded

Alison Thumel

  You've told me you feel like a bat. What you don't mean is your wings. Or the development of a... more

three poems photo
June 1, 2016 | Poetry

three poems

Greg Zorko

brick once in 2011 someone at a party offered me rum mixed with cough medicine from a 1 liter plastic bottle of... more

The World Already Ended At Y2K photo
May 26, 2016 | Poetry

The World Already Ended At Y2K

Michael Wasson

The computers will run an error the size of oceans howling crazy for the pale moon & will hurtle through our bodies to get there. My brother says the lights across the river will burn out. 

how close photo
May 24, 2016 | Poetry

how close

Phillip Spotswood

[practice breathing, talk to snakes, how to suck venom from a wound]

     -february 3, 2012: “I’m getting better at branching out”

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Flashes of Life

Micah Ling

Featuring poems that engage songs by artists ranging from The White Stripes to Bruce Sprinsteen, David Bowie to Otis Redding; lists of albums; daily timestamps as poems; remixes and everything in between; Flashes of Light evokes not just the way we listen to music, but all the ways we interact with the music in our life.



Over For Rockwell

Uzodinma Okehi

They say it takes an average person about 10 years to master a given thing. This was my thinking in 1995 when I dropped out of college in Iowa City to draw comics.



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We’ve had the idea and wanted to do some kind of “best of our online baseball issues” for years, and here is one iteration of that book. We’ve been doing it for so long (this year is our 13th!), we have too many favorites, so we made some arbitrary rules...