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Aaron Burch 
HOBART: another literary journal (print) Editor
Hobart Web Nonfiction Editor


Elizabeth Ellen
Short Flight/Long Drive Books Editor
Hobart Web Poetry Editor


                      Jensen Beach — Editor, Web Fiction                   Andrea Kneeland — Editor Emeritus
                            Brandi Wells — Editor, Web Fiction                   Matthew Simmons — Interviews Editor
                     Jac Jemc — Editor, Web Fiction                  Caleb Curtiss — Editor, Web Poetry

Hobart (online) was created in 2001 and continued to update with monthly issues, until this very website was built and launched in September 2012 and we moved to daily content. Every April is devoted to an annual baseball issue, and the publication of print issues is paired with a month of "bonus materials."

In 2003, the journal grew into a biannual print journal, and continues with a kinda irregular schedules that usually seems to average out to be about three issues every two years. We've also mostly held to every other issue being a theme issue, though this schedule and structure could break at any moment.

In 2006 it grew again into books (Short Flight/Long Drive Books), with Elizabeth Ellen as Editor. We are not usually open to submissions, because we have the time, money, and resources to focus on so few titles (usually one a year), but we have been known to open submissions on rare occasion.

Our books are distributed by Small Press Distribution and can be purchased directly through our website or through major online retailers such as Amazon and Powell's Books.


Current Print Issue



cover by David Kramer

w/ 27 hotel-related stories, poems, essays, and a comic!

& featuring a bonus chapbook w/ stories by SF/LD authors Elizabeth Ellen, Mary Miller& Dylan Niceand comics by Chelsea Martin


Latest SF/LD Book


Even Though I Don't Miss You

Chelsea Martin

"Someone who should not die is Chelsea Martin."
         – Blake Butler