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Reunion at the Christian Movie Theatre photo
February 25, 2020 | Fiction

Reunion at the Christian Movie Theatre

Jack Vening

The Christian Movie Theatre is mainly for fans of poorly translated morality tales, the violent ends of saints and so forth.

One Of Those Boys photo
February 24, 2020 | Fiction

One Of Those Boys

Heather Domenicis

Despite your better judgement, you click on his profile and then on the most recent post: a picture of him smiling on a white slope with his arm wrapped around a remarkably average, yet still somehow traditionally hot (not pretty, just hot) snow bunny.

Anxiety Attack photo
February 20, 2020 | Fiction

Anxiety Attack

Harrison Kim

I count the number of murderers in the class.

Being A Vengeful God for Minimum Wage photo
February 20, 2020 | Fiction

Being A Vengeful God for Minimum Wage

Ashton Carlile

There was something that she wished to start, and when she started it, she figured, her life would take on new meaning. But in this moment in time, she ate breakfast bars all hours of the day and worried about money.

The Messenger photo
February 19, 2020 | Fiction

The Messenger

Claire Hopple

I thought, this message probably killed its messenger, strung out on finding its way home.

On the Morning of photo
February 18, 2020 | Fiction

On the Morning of

Kara Moskowitz

Nick your shin shaving, stare idly at the blood coursing down your foot and down the drain, and maybe this is how you do it, empty out all your insides until your shapeless skin is all that’s left.

The Button photo
February 17, 2020 | Fiction

The Button

Zoe Messinger

I wanted to be “that girl,” but my new high-waisted pants from the Marais were already unbuttoned once.

Born Again photo
February 14, 2020 | Fiction

Born Again

Cathryn Rose

A girl named after a country wore a metallic jumpsuit and gave tarot readings.

Winter’s Children photo
February 13, 2020 | Fiction

Winter’s Children

Mark Benedict

Brian was psyched too. Not about her requests—Tom Waits was more his groove—but about where things seemed to be headed.

Sci-Fi Movies Start With an A photo
February 12, 2020 | Fiction

Sci-Fi Movies Start With an A

Audrey Moyce

I didn’t know why I never wanted to have sex. Or I did know, but what I knew was a lie, or maybe the Biggest Truth of All and I would rather die than admit it to myself.

Seasons photo
February 11, 2020 | Fiction


Karin Killian

I have my tee already halfway over my head, blocking my eyes, when I feel a hand on my forearm, yanking me toward the other end of the field. “You can’t do that. Put it back on.”

The Red Ones Come From Taillights photo
February 10, 2020 | Fiction

The Red Ones Come From Taillights

Erin Lyndal Martin

To be naked on the beach after a storm is something special—the salt and the petrichor and the hum of being unsettled that maybe the torrential rains caused damage, that maybe there were nearby ships that will never make it to harbor.

Reflection photo
February 6, 2020 | Fiction


Molly Gabriel

Violet and I sit in her bed a while and talk. She shows me how to unhook and snake a bra through a sleeve.

The Last Time I Saw Zac Smith photo
February 5, 2020 | Fiction

The Last Time I Saw Zac Smith

Giacomo Pope

“When Zac started writing the poems, I didn’t think it would get to this.”

Vonnegut’s Velvet-Clawed Hawk photo
January 31, 2020 | Fiction

Vonnegut’s Velvet-Clawed Hawk

Kristin Bonilla

I can see him weakening, even if he can’t.

Today on Dagobah, Ep. 4: "Sinkhole" photo
January 30, 2020 | Fiction

Today on Dagobah, Ep. 4: "Sinkhole"

Josh Sippie

“Foresee this, I did not,” Yoda commiserated. But he knew what he had to do. He just didn’t know if he could do it. 

If I Took Them photo
January 21, 2020 | Fiction

If I Took Them

Jiordan Castle

I’m not trying to justify myself. I’m trying to tell you something.

Touch photo
January 17, 2020 | Fiction


Laura Huey Chamberlain

By now I have learned that sometimes, as Tricia pummels away at the backs of my thighs, I can tolerate a memory or two of George.

More Filling Than Berries photo
January 16, 2020 | Fiction

More Filling Than Berries

Katherine O’Hara

Mississippi Man and I been dating for a few months now and we ain’t said it yet.

AirBnB (St. Louis) photo
January 14, 2020 | Fiction

AirBnB (St. Louis)

Sean Ennis

Under what circumstances do we find ourselves here?

Yvonne photo
January 9, 2020 | Fiction


Ciera Burch

“Yvonne?” she called out. 

duckrabbit photo
January 6, 2020 | Fiction


Alyssa Quinn

when encountering the duckrabbit ... 

Invasion photo
January 1, 2020 | Fiction


Dan Stintzi

By the time he’d arrived at the Atwell Park Summer Solstice Festival, Bill Hannan was so high he mistook one of the paper lanterns hanging from the red-lit oak tree at the center of the park for the moon. 

Hot Sand In My Mouth: A Found Piece from Craigslist photo
December 27, 2019 | Fiction

Hot Sand In My Mouth: A Found Piece from Craigslist

p.e. garcia

This was months ago. April, maybe May. The weather was foggy. So was my brain. I saw you again in the Cubism section. I was standing in front of “The Actor” by Picasso. The second I saw you, I smiled

The White, White Light of It photo
December 26, 2019 | Fiction

The White, White Light of It

Kirsten Larson

"You won’t let me love you, so I am loving this plant,” he says.

Recent Books


Elle Nash

“Transgressive and immediate: you feel these stories shoot through and wrap around you.” 

             - Kyle F. Williams, Full Stop Magazine



Garielle Lutz

“Lutz’s work is a marvel of the possibilities of language.  Each of her sentences is an intricately crafted thing, deeply complex yet crystalline in its clarity . . . her command of each and every word remains supreme.” --Mira Braneck, The Paris Review Daily

"Worsted sees the undeniable unicorn of the American sentence sprout pearlescent, fractally chiseled wings and take flight like Pegasus over the letters landscape."  --Big Bruiser Dope Boy


Her Lesser Work

Elizabeth Ellen

"Her Lesser Work is far and away my favorite of your books, and 'G.O.A.T' in particular is a blast of brilliance."

     -Garielle Lutz

"Um, is 'Plant Hospital' both the hottest story and the hottest piece of literary gossip of the decade?!"

     -Rebecca van Laer