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Hobart 15: HOTEL CULTURE cover

March 2014


Table of Contents

Sleeping Under Yosemite     Annik Adey-Babinski
Thank you for the _______     Becky Adnot-Haynes
The Teat of Caposaldo     Rachael Armstrong
Espera, Volta     Brett Beach
Hotel World     JL Bogenschneider
Brubaker and I     James Brubaker
The Only Boy in Indiana     Doug Paul Case
Foreclosure     Patrick Coleman
Hotel California, the Pink District     George Djuric
She Has Funny Cars     Danielle Etienne
3 Poems     Annelyse Gelman
As Elvis      Katrin Gibb
3 Poems     francine j. harris
Morrison Hotel is Released     Michael Hemmingson
Christmas Layover, Days Inn, Little Rock      Lori Jakiela
What We Take With Us:     Amy Kurzweil
Harvest     Maxim Loskutoff
Bombay BeachChristmas     Elizabeth McGuire
Hotel     Kyle Minor
3 Short Fictions     Jefferson Navicky
Gunderson All in One Place     David Nutt
We Still Have to Work Together     Chris Pedler
Swim Swim Swim     Jacob Perkins
Summering     Woody Skinner
An Excerpt from The Parish     Joel Smith and Ryan Winet
Fado Final     Janice D. Soderling
The Director     Stephen Thomas

& featuring a bonus chapbook w/ stories by SF/LD authors

Elizabeth Ellen, Mary Miller, & Dylan Nice, and comics by Chelsea Martin