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HOBART 14 cover

December 2012



"The Swimmers" by Andrew Bourelle
"Love Among the Lampreys: Comics" by Adrienne Celt
"Fire! Fire! Fire!" by Jayson Hawkins
"Buff Ruins: An Essay" by Sean Kilpatrick
"Afternoon Sex" by Sharanya Manivannan
"Steps for Home Tooth Extraction, Berkeley, 2006: An Essay" by Charles McLeod
"The Legend of Troy Cartwright" by Patrick Somerville
"2 shorts" by Colin Winnette

& BUFFALO PRIZE WINNERS (w/ introductions by judge who chose each story):

"Baby Baby" by Becky Adnot-Haynes (Mary Miller)
"The Bashful Yeti Tree Sculpture" by Courtney Maum (Adam Novy)
"Scratch Patrol Presents: The Big Game" by Kate McIntyre & Joe Aguilar  (Jess Stoner)
"We Shall Fill Our House With Spoil" by Delaney Nolan (Dylan Nice)
"El Desierto" by Suzanna Quintana (Karl Taro Greenfeld)
"Stromatolites" by Robert James Shaw (Elizabeth Ellen)

cover by Hollis Brown Thornton