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The Years photo
May 27, 2020 | Nonfiction

The Years

Virginia Lee Wood

In the middle of the night in the second week after Dad’s passing, my phone lights up and it’s twin, it’s sister. 


“I want to know what happened. Should I come there?”

“No. I don’t

Me Wrapped Up, In 25 Feet photo
May 25, 2020 | Nonfiction

Me Wrapped Up, In 25 Feet

Jeanene Harlick

I was the only person in my family this level of depravity happened to.

Traces photo
May 24, 2020 | fucked up modern love essays


Hailey Rollheiser

I followed him up the stairs up to his apartment and once inside he made parachutes, wrapping loose MDMA in tissue paper.

Red Hands photo
May 22, 2020 | Nonfiction

Red Hands

Barrett Bowlin

No cheating; you've got to keep your fingers touching my fingers. Good. Remember to keep your hands flat. Flat and steady and ready.

Ex-Ray photo
May 21, 2020 | Nonfiction


Amy V. Blakemore

When I broke up with you, I thought you might kill me, and somehow, I was bored.

Your Body Gets Rid of People photo
May 19, 2020 | Nonfiction

Your Body Gets Rid of People

JJ Peña

my mother once told me, grief gives your body the shakes.

Guided Meditation and Relaxation photo
May 17, 2020 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

Guided Meditation and Relaxation

Andrew Bomback

Xenia and I had been cheating on each other with the same woman for about three months

Another Old Man at the Bridge photo
May 14, 2020 | Nonfiction

Another Old Man at the Bridge

Sarah Viren

You will read my restrained but subtly brutal birth story and finally recognize that we who give birth are dauntless soldiers returning to the fight and we are also the old men ignoring the bombs because we have animals at home we love too much to go on and we have never felt more alive than we do right now.

My First Name photo
May 9, 2020 | My First...

My First Name

Siân Griffiths

This new doctor smiles as he enters the room, as if we’re sharing a joke though we’ve never met before. “Tell me,” he says, “how many people get your name right on the first try?”

Liveblog 2 photo
May 7, 2020 | Nonfiction

Liveblog 2

Megan Boyle

Like if I were at this apartment in 2009 I’d be talking to some guy with scraggly teeth and pockmarked skin and a hoodie but he’d also be like, unconventionally handsome, but you could tell the last time he talked to his mom he said some fucked up shit and probably beat up his siblings growing up, and I’d be thinking ‘this seems like…my only option…’ 

Prompting Myself: A Taste of My Own Medicine photo
May 6, 2020 | Nonfiction

Prompting Myself: A Taste of My Own Medicine

Chloe Caldwell

People I Don’t _______ to anymore. This is a prompt inspired by Chelsea Hodson’s essay, People I Don’t Talk To Anymore.

How Many Hours Are There in a Day Now? photo
May 4, 2020 | Nonfiction

How Many Hours Are There in a Day Now?

Chelsea Martin

Being sleep deprived while in quarantine is like living in this dream I had a few days ago where I died but didn’t lose consciousness and for the rest of the dream I floated over a muddy creek with no ability to interact with the world in any way.

My First NIN: The Downward Spiral photo
May 2, 2020 | My First...

My First NIN: The Downward Spiral

Greg Oldfield

I remember the next morning, puking, shaking violently, asking for God’s mercy. There was too much light coming through the blinds. I was a living, breathing version of “Hurt.” 

My First CD: Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine photo
May 2, 2020 | My First...

My First CD: Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Hate Machine

Scott Daughtridge DeMer

I didn’t have headphones for my CD player, so when my parents were home I kept the volume low. At night when they went to bed I played it at a barely audible level and hugged the machine against my ear.

The Idea of a Thing is Not the Thing Itself photo
May 1, 2020 | Nonfiction

The Idea of a Thing is Not the Thing Itself

Jared Povanda

This boy wants a cat for the idea of a cat. Real responsibility chokes him. This boy wants to embody the writer—navy sweater, gold chinos, salmon boat shoes, honey hair tousled, thick brown glasses,

Ritual photo
April 25, 2020 | BASEBALL, Nonfiction


Emily Costa

This is our second time playing but he’s still constantly clarifying, correcting. The game, this one or the real one, has strict rules. You can’t fuck it up. You need to understand every instruction, every play, need to speak the language, know the abbreviations.

My First (and Last) Great Curve photo
April 18, 2020 | My First..., BASEBALL

My First (and Last) Great Curve

Samuel Ashworth

When I was nine my grandfather taped every episode of Ken Burns’s Baseball and mailed me the VHS tapes from Kansas City. I’d sit there in the basement where the TV was, pressing the Tracking button on

Brushback photo
April 16, 2020 | BASEBALL, Nonfiction


Christa Champion

Usually when my parents went off to lead one of these weekend retreats, they’d leave all four of us kids to stay at the same place, usually with another retreat family, sometimes even people we already knew.

Jubilation photo
April 14, 2020 | BASEBALL, Nonfiction


A. Smith

At the end of the 90s, the MLB’s closest analogue was the WWF.

Walk-Off photo
April 13, 2020 | BASEBALL, Nonfiction


A. J. Bermudez

The helmet is slightly too big, and the interior foam padding is the texture of damp dough, thanks to Paula’s fat, sweaty head.

T206 photo
April 11, 2020 | My First..., BASEBALL


T.J. Larkey

At first I thought he meant food, but he never asked what I wanted.

On the Purity of Baseball photo
April 7, 2020 | BASEBALL, Nonfiction

On the Purity of Baseball

J. A. Bernstein

This will not work.

The Boys in Summer photo
April 6, 2020 | Nonfiction

The Boys in Summer

Kent Jacobson

“How ‘bout it, Ronnie. Throw something Butch can hit. Try over the plate for once.”

My First Lucky Shirt photo
April 4, 2020 | My First..., BASEBALL

My First Lucky Shirt

Sandra Marchetti

I’ve been going to ballgames since I was a young kid, and when I was a tween I discovered this old t-shirt of my dad’s.

Bette Davis Eyes: A Brief History photo
March 30, 2020 | Adventures in Eyeballs

Bette Davis Eyes: A Brief History

Joshua James Amberson

(There they are, stealing the show from the rest of the body: Bette Davis's eyes, wide in perpetual surprise, in shock, full of righteous indignation. Narrowing, muscles tensing, then relaxing,

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Elizabeth Ellen

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—John Biscello, Riot Material

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Chloe Caldwell

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Elizabeth Ellen

Elizabeth Ellen

“[Elizabeth Ellen] is the female Love Is a Dog from Hell.”

 – Chloe Caldwell, author of Women

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