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September 1, 2007 | Fiction


Tiff Holland

"You played sports?" he asks over dinner. They're having baked chicken and baked potatoes. Clean food is how she thinks of it, only a... more

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I WIll Unfold You With My Hairy Hands photo

September 1, 2007 | Fiction

I WIll Unfold You With My Hairy Hands

Shane Jones

The hair monster checked out the ass of a handicapped woman. She was standing with her back turned when the... more

An Interview with Roy Kesey photo

August 1, 2007 | Interview

An Interview with Roy Kesey

Sean Carman

Roy Kesey's best stories manage to be hilarious and poignant, absurd and intelligent, amusing but still close to the... more

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August 1, 2007 | Fiction

Cabin Fever

Paul Silverman

She was what his father, who had a Betty Grable calendar in the garage, used to call a bleached blonde, and she was kind of daffy-taffy... more