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March 10, 2016 Poetry

These things

Maribeth Theroux

These things photo

These things

I attended a gala and 
refused to speak to 
anyone. Except to 
gesture to my outfit:
“I’m going for gala.”

I can’t stop thinking about 
the Great Smalltalk Failure of 
2014: “This thing you did 
reminded me of this
other thing
I did not
care for, but this
thing you did
was wonderful.”

A wedding is coming
up, and it’s mine, and
people will say things to me, 
and I will have nothing to
say back, except to
gesture: “I’m going for 
bride.” They will
be enchanted, and
enthralled, and
reply: “This thing you
did was wonderful,” and, 
“How blessed we are
it did not rain.”

image: Carabella Sands