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August 24, 2015 Poetry

two poems

Greg Zorko

two poems photo

Karl Barth

let's forget the time we fought

and just say

that i have a specific kind of fear

it happens


when i am in the club

thinking about the pieces of my body i have lost in the world

pieces of skin and blood

everything open

an empty grapefruit

with legs.

when it is Saturday

one in the morning

and you say:

"the moon is like an empty cereal bowl"

and i want to be raptured by Rihanna

drink a kale smoothie in the desert.

and it's almost by accident

i feel lucky

to be in the place between pavement and sky.



Kendall Gill


i think more about:

clouds, candy, bats

i am thinking about you also but in a non-specific way.

walking to 


on Tuesday

getting a head rush

near blacking out

i see visions:

i thought i was in the NBA playoffs

i thought i was a baby

in the NBA playoffs.

drinking orange juice on the sidewalk

trying to turn into an orange in a snow bank.

i get a text

"should order pizza tonight"



image: Michael O'Shea